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In Focus: Hanna Adams (Contemporary Series)

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Hanna Adams trained at Kim Halls School of Dance for sixteen years.  She has performed on their competition team, “Artists Unleashed” for eight of those years.  Hanna received multiple overall awards, titles, and special recognitions throughout the years.  Her first year exploring WILD Dance Intensive, she was given a yearlong scholarship to tour and assist the world renown faculty during WILD’s 2014-2015 tour.  Hanna has also recently been hired by StarPower International Talent Competition to assist with their Power Pak program.  For three years Hanna has taught at Kim Hall’s School of dance and choreographs for their competition team.  Hanna also teaches master classes and choreographs at multiple studios in Florida. She is apart of a new upcoming company, Tampa Modern Dance Company, and can’t wait for what lies ahead!

In Focus: Hanna Adams

Why do you dance?

“I dance to set myself free.  Free from all of the judgement.  Free from my thoughts.  Free from all of the worldly problems.  I dance to love.  I dance to create.  I dance to be myself.”

Who would you say is your inspiration?

“Marinda Davis is my inspiration.  No matter how many physical walls are put in her way, she goes at them headstrong and won’t let them stand there.  She creates movement in such a way that tells her stories, and wants others to know they can do anything they set their mind to.  Such a sweetheart.”

What is your dream job?

“Dream Job – Beyonce’s back-up dancer.  Duh.”

How would you best describe your style?

“My style is like contemphop.  I am definitely more of a contemporary dancer, but I love to add hip hop moves to spice it up more.  Make it different.”

What some advice you would give young dancers about the industry?

“Don’t give up.  People will always try to crush you in the dance industry.  But in the real scheme of life, who are they??  Do they honestly mean anything to you?  Keep going!  If dance is life for you, or something you truly care about, someone judging you is just another face in the crowd.  Dance is for you if it makes you happy.  Never throw that away!”


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